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At Abundance Dental Care we are proud to offer innovative “immediate function” (also referred to as “immediate load”) dental implants to our patients suffering from tooth loss.

What makes these dental implants different than conventional implants? Well, as the name suggests, immediate function dental implants can give you same-day results. In the most ideal situations, you could conceivably come into our office with an incomplete smile, and leave with a full complement of teeth.

Here’s how it works—our dental team will insert a select number of dental implant roots into strategic points along your jaw line. This type of treatment is often called “all on four” treatment, because it is possible to stabilize a full denture with just four roots. These implant roots are designed to be thinner than conventional implant roots, and thus less traumatic for the bone tissue upon implantation.

Once the appropriate number of titanium roots is in place, we can cap them with a single crown, denture or bridge. Over the next few weeks your implant roots will osseointegrate (or bond) with your natural jawbone tissue, resulting in a strong, stable, and permanent dental prosthetic.

Patients of many ages love this option because it is more affordable and comfortable than traditional implant treatment.

Why do dental patients choose same day dental implants from Plano dentist Tony Lin?

Teeth in a Day

You don’t have to wait to improve the appearance and the health of your smile. Get long-lasting results in a short period of time with immediate load dental implants. While traditional implants take months to complete (due to lengthy healing periods between treatment phases), immediate function implants will have you smiling again in much shorter time!

Beautiful Results

When repairing your smile, you want to choose a treatment that will restore both the function and the appearance of your smile. The good news is that the bridges and dentures that we attach to immediate function implants are crafted to suit each patient’s appearance, specifically. We’ll make sure that the shape, size, and color of your replacement teeth are perfect for you.

Support Your Oral Health

The unique properties of titanium implant roots actually help to bolster and strengthen your smile over time. Because titanium bonds to your bone tissue, the implant roots fortify your jawbones and help to prevent deterioration. These roots also work to stabilize your existing teeth, and maintain cheek and lip shape. Dentures and bridges alone do not offer these benefits unless they are held in place with implants.

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