Our East Plano Dental Implant Dentists Are Here To Help You Overcome Tooth Loss

Written by Dr. Lin on May 19, 2020

Our East Plano dental implant dentists see many patients who want to repair their smiles for aesthetic reasons. However, tooth replacement treatment is about a lot more than just the improving aesthetics. Keep reading to get more information!

Most patients first consider aesthetics

Obviously one of the most immediate issues that patients notice after tooth loss is that their smile suddenly looks incomplete. Tooth replacement options, from dentures, to bridges, to dental implants are designed to replace the missing tooth above the gum line, so that your smile looks whole and healthy again.

Our East Plano dentists always customize tooth replacement treatments to suit the patient’s particular aesthetics. Essentially, we use your existing teeth as guidance for the shape, size, and color of your replacement teeth.

There are structural considerations to keep in mind as well

The most obvious change to your smile may be in appearance, but there are actually a number or oral health issues that can develop due to premature tooth loss. You may find that your natural smile shifts in alignment, as you no longer have a full complement of teeth side by side. The gum tissue and jawbone tissue around the site of tooth loss is also prone to infection and deterioration.

When it comes to preserving oral health, dental implant technology is by far the most beneficial treatment to choose. Dental implants have titanium posts that extend into the patient’s jawbone and basically serve as a replacement tooth root. Not only do you end up with a stable and secure restoration, you also support adjacent bone tissue and minimize the risk of jaw damage.

Our dental team also uses mini dental implant roots to permanently secure larger prostheses, like dentures. This is a great way to replace multiple teeth quickly, while still getting the support you need from titanium implant roots.

As always, our East Plano implant dentists are here to answer any questions you may have, and to help you schedule a personal consultation.