We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you, and your entire family, to our new blog! We hope that this blog will be a useful resource for you as you pursue preventive and restorative dental care.

Today our East Plano dentist is going to review some of the services that we offer here at Abundance Dental Care.

1. Preventive cleanings and screenings

Our dental team provides thorough semi-annual dental cleanings and preventive treatments: complete with oral cancer screenings. The American Dental Association recommends that all patients complete professional dental cleanings every six months to minimize plaque and tartar accumulation.

2. Cosmetic treatments

If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, our dental team can help! We can straighten your natural teeth using Invisalign orthodontic treatment or Fastbraces. Professional dental whitening treatments minimize dental staining and discoloration to give your smile a brighter and whiter appearance. We’ll tailor your cosmetic treatment to meet your specific aesthetic needs.

3. Replacing missing teeth

If you have lost teeth, our dentist can help you reclaim a healthy and whole smile. Full-sized dental implants function as stand-alone replacement teeth—each dental implant is actually grounded in the patient’s bone and gum tissue. Alternatively, our dental team can stabilize existing prosthetics (like dentures) with just a few mini dental implant roots. Both of these treatment options deliver natural-looking results, while helping to fortify your oral health.

At Abundance Dental Care, we will help you take control of your oral health once and for all. If you want to learn more about the treatments that we offer, please call our East Plano dentist at your convenience. And keep up with our blog—we’ll be using this resource to answer patients’ questions, and notify you about exciting happenings in our office. We look forward to working with you!

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